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Reasons For College Kreation April 23, 2008

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Religion – something one believes in and follows devotedly; a point or matter of ethics or conscience

Explore different religions according to our definition above ( while learning about other student’s traditions. Sometimes you have to think inside the box to understand outside the box.

As UK journalism students, we will update this weblog weekly. We hope to inform other students of events and activites, open up discussion and give an all around awareness of different religions and diverse cultures avalaible to all UK students on campus.


Religion on campus & around town April 21, 2008

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Religious organizations on campus are quite plentiful and diverse. However, Lexington being a college town is not as religiously diverse as some students think it should be.

Rachel Fields, previous leader of freshman activities at Christian Student Fellowship, said for having such a big university in town, Lexington is not has religiously diverse as she feels it should be.

Fields attend the 608 service at Southland Christian Church frequently but her home church, Southern Acres Christian Church, does not have a big college base. She says there are about four to five regular attendees and that is it.

She does not feel that the churches around Lexington do enough to reach out to the college age group


Evolution or Intelligent Design April 20, 2008

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There has been a debate going on for years now regarding evolution on intelligent design. This debate as sparked the interest of many involved in academia ranging fro sociologists to molecular biologists to doctors.

The new documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed featuring Ben Stein, the man in the eye drop commercials, tackles that argument head on with personal interviews and evidence to back up numerous arguments that are featured in the film.

I recently spoke with Brett Nolan, a philosophy sophomore here at UK, about the two topics and his views on evolution and intelligent design, and his views on the film. Check out the video below to see what he had to say on the issue.

by Kelly Wiley